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An ode to the distinguished cocoa bean is elevated through every aspect of Cocoa Room. Besides an engineered menu executed to perfection, the atmosphere at Cocoa Room illustrates an esoteric story of ancient trade routes and rich pirate treasures. Shades of rich russet, deep entrancing mocha overtures in rich ostrich leather encase the cushioned seats. Designed to resurrect the seating traditions of native South American cultures, the tables clearly frame the outline of the cozy space in a familial nature, showcasing elevated ceilings completely covered in blocks of dark auburn tin tiles craved in the shape of blocks of chocolate. With Thomas Edison lamps softly draped from above, the mood completely transforms come sundown, as the walls are illuminated with dimmed lights and chocolate chip like wood strips, while the ornate creole-style cutlery and silverware glamorously glimmer in response.

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